About Us

Iron Road Software and Simulation is a consulting engineering company specializing in the simulation, planning and design of rail networks.

Our typical clients include private rail operators as well as commuter rail and government agencies.  We have ongoing relationships with a number of North American Class 1 railroads, as well as some major commuter authorites.

Our years of expertise and access to specialized simulation tools, some of which are developed in-house, make us an ideal resource for any rail-related studies.

  • Capacity Planning

    Our specialty is the assessment of rail network capacity. Our techniques allow us to accurately determine a network's existing capacity, as well as any requirements for traffic growth.

    We have extensive experience in passenger and freight operations, as well as mixed-traffic scenarios.

  • Network Simulation

    Using a number of industry-specific simulation tools, including Berkeley Simulation Software's RTC, we can produce fully functional detailed simulations of most rail networks.

    Typical deliverables include animations, delay statistics, and on-time performance measures.

  • Engineering Services

    We offer a variety of engineering services including braking distance and signal block design, as well as track engineering reviews.